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My Life Story...

I'm still working on it... I'll get back to you... for now, here are some interesting things about me...

My Company - Imagica Productions -

Interests/Hobbies:   I havee managed to explore a great deal of this Earth, paint some canvas, mold some clay, carve some stone, develop some theories of quantum dynamic spatial philosophy, listen and dance to a lot of great live music, make some live music (guitar, flute, hand-drums), experience the finer cultural events our species has to offer, jump out of a couple airplanes, win a few crew regattas, read a lot of great books, write a few (ER, plethora of) poems, stories, and screenplays, and meet a LOT of amazing people.

Random Past Employment Experience

P.S. Following are some other jobs I've had that don't really fit on my professional resume but are definitely relevant... in order...

  • Paper-Boy for three years in middle pa. - Ages 9 to 12
  • Household Chores for Allowance - Ages 7 to 12
  • Production Assistant for my dad (Radio Producer)... Ages 9 to 12
  • Baby-Sitter, Plant-Sitter, House-Sitter, Landscaper - Ages 9 to 14
  • Assistant Manager Baskin Robbins, Ardmore PA - 9/83 to 11/85
  • Retail Sales - Jo Harper Clothing - 11/85 to 6/86
  • Retail Sales - Solid Gold Jeweler's - 11/85 to 6/86
  • Nationwide Van Lines Computer Movers - 6/87 to 9/87
  • Chi-Chi's Mexican Restaurant - Waiter - 6/87 - 9/87
  • Peanut Butter Fantasies - Faneuil Hall Food Court, Boston MA - 11/87 to 11/88
  • Scoozi Italian Resaraunt - South Miami Beach - 11/89 to 4/90 (in between majors)
  • Steve's Ice Cream - Assistant Manager / Ice Cream Maker - Boston, MA - 11/88 to 4/89
  • Photo-Quick - Second Shift Developer/Processor - Boston, MA 6/89 to 1/90
  • Temps-At-Large - Data Entry, Typist, Receptionist - Boston, MA 6/89 to 1/90
  • Store24 Convenience Store - Second or Third Shift (my paycheck from B.U. was a joke <*see above> but it was great experience!) - Boston, MA 7/89 to 8/90
  • Freelance House Painting, Construction, Remodeling, Light Carpentry...... 6/86 to 12/91....... ("i had some great jobs... stayed in, painted, landscaped and built a deck on a house ON the beach on Cape Cod for six weeks. The owner liked it so much, she let me stay there for another three weeks just for mowing the lawn. That's when I read Ayn Rand's ATLAS SHRUGGED and took control of my life. I'll never, ever forget those cathartic sunsets!")


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